Took me a few tries to get this pic right. Almost missed the bus back to the hotel because of it.

Have you ever paid $15 for a beer with no possibility of receiving a lap dance from the same waitress later in the night? Neither had I, until our recent long weekend visit to Singapore.

And it’s just not the beer that is expensive, so is the food ($20 burgers), hotel rooms ($230 plus and that’s for a very standard room based on single occupancy) and lap dances (kidding).

Don’t feel too bad for us though. We were there because the international school where Trina is working at paid for her to attend a training course there. So the room was covered, and so were the cab rides, and she had a $60 per diem, which was laughable, but still helped.

So all in all it was more expensive than a weekend in Rajagiriya with the water buffalo, but it didn’t completely break our volunteer allowance/local hire bank either.

We also had a great tour guide in Singapore – a Regina friend who has worked and lived in the country for the past year and a half. For those who have travelled for any length of time, you know how good it feels to hang out with fellow Canadians once and awhile. That’s taking nothing away from brothers (and sisters) from other mothers (and countries), but to be able to talk about the Riders and hockey and Jack Layton with people who know what you’re talking about is a nice feeling. It feels like home in a place far from it.

So thank you Popper for being a Canadian living in Singapore (one that is actually earning money), while I was a Canadian (not earning shit) living in Sri Lanka. And also thank you for picking up a good chunk of the tab on our Friday night out…that would have wiped my rupees right off the map.

While Trina was slaving away at her training, I galavanted about the small country taking pictures of the local scenery. As you will see, Singapore is a different world entirely from Sri Lanka. It’s only a 3.5-hour flight away, but it might as well be a 35-hour flight.

Here it is for your enjoyment:

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