Well, after almost three months living under the same roof in Sri Lanka, Trina and I are finally apart again. Things were getting too comfortable. It was time to shakeup our lives again.

In fact, if you subtract the time we’ve been apart, we’ve actually only been married for 7 months, not the 7 years that our marriage certificate says. What can I say, we like to keep shit interesting – often in different places.

In this most recent separation, Trina is heading back to the Great White North to secure her Sri Lankan work visa. If she wants to be able to start her teaching job in August, she needs to get a very particular stamp in her passport and it needs to actually be stamped on Canadian soil. I’m sure they have scientists at the ready to check the stamp’s authenticity.

“It’s the only way,” we’ve been told. And when you hear that on this island, you know to save your breath.

We’ve known that this was going to have to happen for awhile now, so the shock wore off long ago and general apathy has set in. And knowing that the common visa delays that I experienced as a volunteer, don’t happen with working teachers, is also good to know. Fingers crossed she should be back with visa in hand on July 19, as scheduled.

The actual money she’ll be making when she returns also helps, although the cost of the plane ticket is still stinging my ever-shrinking bank account (I currently have 427 rupees or $4 in my Sri Lankan bank account and pay day is still a few days away. My apologies in advance Dialog, my Internet bill will be paid a few days late this month.)

If my friends thought I was cheap in Canada, they should see me here. I’ve installed a deadbolt on my wallet, so that even the usual bats that live inside it have either flown away or suffocated. Haven’t quite been able to teach Trina that same thing, although she has cut back from four facials a month to two. I’ll call that progress.

Luckily for me I’ve had numerous friends invite me over for dinner while Trina is away, so I should be neither hungry nor lonely. Although that won’t stop me from blaring Eric Carmen a few times. Now there’s a performer I’d open up the deadbolt and take some rupees out to see. And that hair looks identical to mine right now. Beautiful.


P.S. I’m also looking forward to reading about the experiment that will be Trina living with Randall (her dad) again. It’s a guarantee that hilarity will ensue.