My sanctuary Thursday and Friday every week

I have more workplaces in Sri Lanka than times Chuck Norris has ground coffee with his teeth and boiled it with his own rage. What? That doesn’t make sense. Oh sorry, it’s hot.

Anyway, on Thursday and Friday every week I work out of the VSO office in Colombo. This is where I work on media relation and anti-stigma activities for our mental health partners across the country. Still very much in planning mode right now, but will be getting out to do some media training of mental health professionals, patients and journalists very soon.

As you can see it’s a great place to work out of – complete with drinking water, windows and food. You can’t ask for much else.

After three days in a row at the hospital, it’s always a welcome refuge.

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Trina heads back to Canada on Monday to get her work visa, so I’ll be alone in Sri Lanka for the next three weeks. For those who know me, you know this likely won’t turn out good. I don’t think I will starve or get too lost, but I wouldn’t put any bets on it.

The last time Trina left me alone in a foreign country, I ended up going down a back alley in Mexico with some guy named Alejandro under the assertion that he could “get me what I needed.” And she really didn’t leave me alone that time – all she did was go to a pharmacy to get a band-aid. Two minutes was all it took and I was gone. Thankfully that was a few years and many trips ago. I’m sure I’ve matured since then? Right? God help me.

Take care and pray for Mojo.