Here's the main team that organized the book launch. I look like I just ran a marathon - absolutely soaked.

My first media event is over and I have to say it was a huge success – even though I had little to do with it. My only real contribution was drafting the news release – and reading it out loud at the event, which was a first for me.

There were close to 10 different media outlets there. over 200 people and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Not bad for the launch of a book on dementia care. At least I think that’s what the book is about. I can’t remember. Haha…laugh now.

Here are a few things I learned:

* You can’t be thrown by the unexpected. The main speaker at the media event cancelled 10 minutes before we started, and no one blinked an eye. A replacement was found in a matter of minutes and the show went on.

* Starting 45 minutes late is okay. When none of the speakers were there at 9:10 (we were supposed to start at 8:30), I may have been the only one thinking, uhoh…Everyone else was calm, even the media. The speakers walked in a few minutes later and we were off. If that had happened in Canada, the media and everyone else would have been long gone.

* Trust that the people you work with won’t let you fail. While everyone knows me as the media guy at the hospital, they all pitched in and called any media contacts they had (and they have some good ones). While the help won’t come early, it will come when you need it.