Just looked at our poll asking if we should go to the Leo Sayer concert this weekend, and a whopping 75 per cent of people think we should. Thankfully, this blog is not a democracy.

You see, Leo is charging 2,000 rupees for the chance to see his geriatric version of the disco, while just two years ago, Canada’s own Bryan Adams visited Colombo and charged only 1,000 rupees. Now I’m no Bryan Adams fan, but I certainly hold him in a class above Leo. Hats off to you Bryan and shame on you greedy Leo.

Needless to say, Leo won’t be getting one rupee from me. Having said that, I still have to see what this show is going to be like. I’m counting on a well-timed visit to the gym – where the concert is happening – and a fortunate positioning of the stage, to at least hear some of Leo’s licks. If that doesn’t pan out, I will spot him on the bench press after the show and get his autograph then.

In other news:

* I’ve been shit on by a bird twice in the last two weeks in the exact same spot. Why not avoid the spot you ask? Because I’ve heard three times brings you luck.

* Trina is visiting schools in south Sri Lanka this week, so I’ve been left on my own for the first time since we got here. Without a microwave I wasn’t sure how I’d fare, but so far I’ve managed to feed myself. My flavourful scent is another issue.

* My first media event is planned for this Friday with the launch of a dementia care booklet at the hospital. The event will play host to 300 guests (including the Secretary of Health) with food and drink for all. It’s a big deal. Oh yeah, the program starts at 8:30 and runs until 12:30. Not sure I’ll be able to keep the media here the whole time 🙂 I told the team that worked on arranging the event that media launches usually last about 15 minutes in Canada. Not so here. Should be interesting.

* I’ve also been busy updating the hospital’s website – http://www.nimh.lk. Webmastery is not my forte, so if anyone knows their way around the web publishing software Joomla, I could use the help. When I first looked at the site, it had been taken over by Iranian hackers, so the state it’s in now is much, much improved.

* The monsoon rains have begun in Colombo, so my sweating has somewhat subsided, although the mold growing on my clothes presents a new challenge. Never a dull or dry moment in Sri Lanka. Hopefully, summer will begin soon in Regina.

Go Riders.