A lot of people I’ve been meeting in Sri Lanka have been reminding me of people from home. Whether it’s the way they look, how they talk or just how they live their lives, there seems to be a parallel universe taking place here.

Take for example last night – where we attended our second party in as many nights (we’re so popular) – and the owner of the house reminded me of my friend Scott Saxby. For those of you that know Scott, you know he really is a one-of-a-kind character who really is impossible to replicate. I mean he once sawed the roof of his car off so he could have a convertible. Tough to match that.

However, the Sri Lankan guy last night was pretty close. It wasn’t that he looked like Sax, but it was his love of throwing the ultimate party that made him a dead ringer. For a party of about 15 people, this guy ordered a keg of beer with a bartender; he hired a guy with a food cart; and he set up a professional dj mixing booth complete with huge speakers, lazers and of course, a smoke machine. I almost lost it when the smoke came firing out – awesome.

The only thing missing were the beer cup patio lanterns strewn throughout the backyard, but I’ve put that idea in the suggestion box for next party. All in all it was a fun night out that felt like home – almost.

Here’s a pretty crappy video I took at the party that doesn’t really do it justice:

Other bizarro people we’ve seen include:

    • Sri Lankan Rob Schneider
    • Indian Shannon McRadu
    • Another Canadian Bud MacNeill
    • Sri Lankan Joey Jeremiah complete with black hat


Some bizarro people we hope to meet:

    • Russian Randall Cobbledick
    • Sri Lankan Costa Maragos
    • Kevin Hathjarsinge (the only Sri Lankan we knew before coming here)