Would you spend $20 to watch this man sing and dance?

Leo Sayer is coming to Colombo! Yep, THE Leo Sayer, not some cover or tribute band. We’re getting the real deal – complete (I hope) with tight afro and white platform shoes.

If you’re asking yourself who is Leo Sayer? You’re not alone. I asked myself the same thing when I first saw the gigantic billboard promoting Leo’s upcoming show at Water’s Edge – the gym where Trina and I have a membership. I guess the place also moonlights as a concert venue for an aging disco king. Who knew?

After a quick YouTube search, we found out that Leo was the mastermind behind dozens of disco hits in the 70s and he is currently on a seemingly endless tour of Australia’s boy’s clubs and bridge associations. Luckily, he’s taking a quick break from that tour to visit Sri Lanka in early June.

I definitely don’t have my pulse on all the performers who’ve visited the island since we’ve been here (my current count is zero), but I think I can safely say this is the biggest name so far.

My only question is:

Help us out and we’ll be forever grateful. If you need more information about Leo to decide, here’s a link to his biggest hit: