Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan government did not go for my Colombo Shore reality series idea documenting my life of leisure, so I’ve been forced to get a real job. I will begin work at the Overseas School of Colombo on August 1st teaching middle school drama and math. I recently visited the school to observe a math class. The class size is about 15 students and when they came into the room, they immediately started working. I kept thinking this was some sort of cruel joke and wondered where they hiding the real kids.

The perks of the job include travelling to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for IB teacher training in September. This is a little more exciting than an RPS professional development trip to Saskatoon.

In addition, I am exploring volunteer opportunities with a professor at a local university. They would like me to provide some teacher training in the areas of special education and differentiated learning. In the month of June, I plan to do a little bit of travel to visit some of the schools throughout the country and observe. The Sinhala language teachers we had in April have already agreed to host me in their home communities. I’m very excited to make these connections and see what the education system is like compared to ours at home.

Before I start any work, I need to travel back to Canada to get my work permit. The added expense is unfortunate, but I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and family and getting a decent cup of coffee. I just booked my flight and will be in the Queen City from June 28th- July 17th. I’m putting in an advance  request for good weather, great BBQs and Rider victories during my visit.