Thank God for Buddha.

This week in Sri Lanka the Vesak full moon festival is taking place, which celebrates Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment = all of which occurred on the same day in May. In fact this year marks the 2600th anniversary of his enlightenment. The festival features colourful lamps hung everywhere, free food and two stat holidays.

Trina and I took the opportunity on this momentous milestone to get out of Colombo for five days, which at the moment is a hot. humid mess.

With two other VSO volunteers we travelled to the lovely hill=country town of Ella about 200 km from Colombo = or six hours by van or 10 hours by train. When traveling in this country time doesn’t exist – it’s like entering a black hole and not knowing if/when you’re going to get out.

The difference between the city and the hill country is crazy. The temperature is pleasant, the air is clean, the people are friendlier and the views are some of the best I’ve seen. We also stayed at a place called Waterfalls Homestay, which has an unreal view with some of the best food we tasted so far in Sri Lanka. We really didn’t want to come back to Colombo.

Here are some pictures of the people and places in Ella:

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Until our next escape…