Last night we had 10 Sri Lankans over to our place for some “Canadian grub”. We invited our landlord and his family as well as the couple who live in the suite underneath us. There were a few obstacles in our way of a successful BBQ.
1) No BBQ (or oven).
2) We had to share 4 plates.
3) Everyone is vegetarian.
4) Western food is ridiculously expensive. Ex: Sundae topping- $12, burger buns – $6/4 – you’ve got to be kidding me!

So I decided on a menu of potato salad, coleslaw, chickpea burgers and ice cream for dessert.

This is essentially how the days planning went.
6am – wake up
6:15am – decide it’s too early to do anything and go back to sleep
7am- get up (for real this time) and make a breakfast of delicious egg hoppers
7:30am – sweep and mop floors (How do they get so dirty?)
8:30am – shower and rest (I’m too sweaty to do anything else for a while.) Might as well catch up on some reading.
9am – fell asleep while reading
10 am- go to the grocery store
11am- leave the store frustrated because they don’t have everything I need
12pm- take the bus to two other grocery stores looking for canned chickpeas, but no luck
3pm – return a sweaty mess , crack a giant beer!
3:30pm – start preparing potato salad and boiling chickpeas hoping they will be reading in 3 hours
4:30pm – do some of the dreaded pile of laundry
5pm – Chickpeas are still hard as a rock. Go onto facebook to create a mental diversion.
5:30 – I’m starting to panic and thinking we should just scrap everything and Shaun should pick up some KFC (wouldn’t that be truly Canadian anyway?)
6pm – Phone Shaun and get him to pick up some canned tuna. Impromptu tuna burgers it will be.
7pm- Guests are supposed to arrive.
8:30pm – All guests arrive. We try to explain the concept of buffet in Sinhala.

All in all the night was a success and I think everyone enjoyed themselves and the food. At the very least, they got a kick out of us Crazy White people trying to through a dinner party.