Actually this post has nothing at all to do with the title, but I’m doing a little test in our blog marketing to see if our readership shoots up suddenly. The stats page reveals a lot about you guys.

Today was the end of our in-country training in which we learned the following useful tidbits of information about Sri Lanka from our Sri Lankan language teachers.
* Some Sri Lankan men like to get crazy drunk at parties apparently ending in fights and hospital visits.
* Every holiday should be celebrated by shooting off fireworks during day light and eating copious amounts of sweets (even for breakfast).
*. Some words that aren’t in the Sinhala language include: “interesting”, “boring”, and “curious”.
* Westerners say “thank you” and “sorry” way too much. Sri Lankans do it with their expressions.
* If a Sri Lankan asks if you have penis, it is not sexual harassment. They are simply asking if you have a head cold.
* Sri Lankans eat with their hands but consider it rude to lick your fingers.
* There are more fresh fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka than I’ve ever seen before. Many of them I don’t know their English name let alone learning the Sinhala.

Also, after 60 hours of Sinhala language instructions, we can tell a Sri Lankan the following.
Mage namee Trina (Shaun). Man tourist kenek namei. Salli naeae. Ai yo pou. Peesu!
(My name is Trina (Shaun). I’m not a tourist. I have no money. Oh dear- poor thing. Crazy!)

This is slightly more useful than the three phrases I can remember from 12 years of core French.
Il ya une oisseau sur la venetre. Pamplemouse. Chacun son gout. (There is a bird on the window. Grapefruit. To each their own.)

I have attached some pics from our language lessons including our field trip to the market.

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So the in country training is finished and a chapter of our adventure is closed. Shaun visits the mental health hospitals in which he will be working tomorrow and I return to my life of leisure. Thank goodness, these past three weeks have been way too stressful:)

Next week, VSO has arranged a cross country tour for us to visit some of the other mental health projects in the country. It should be really informative.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.