Here's how people celebrate in Sri Lanka - eat about 30 different dishes at once.
Here's a picture of our landlord's family moments after we ate all their food. They're not sure what to make of the large Canadians who live above them.

Make sure to call your local neighbourhood Sri Lankan today and wish them a happy new year, or if you’d like to really impress stumble through the name of this post.

I’m actually writing this as part of my act of work, which all Sri Lankans do at this exact time on new year’s day. This should be good for some positive karma.

The new year is really a week or two-long celebration and mostly consists of eating and shooting off firecrackers. They know how to party.

We just got back from a party of our own at our landlord’s place. They fed us copious amounts of food and then gave us a doggy bag on our way out the door. Good times.