I’ve been in Sri Lanka for just over 24 hours and I couldn’t feel more useless. Thank God Trina is here or I’d be curled up in the fetal position. Most of what I’m feeling right now can be chalked up to jet lag, but when you leave a place you’ve lived for 32 years and basically wake up the next day in an entirely different world – all bets are off.

I think I’m even more overwhelmed on this trip because I know it’s for the long haul. This is where I’m going to be living for 18 months and I have no idea how anything works, let alone how I will be productive in a workplace. I know this feeling will fade as I figure out how to get places, where to eat and how to stop sweating so much.

For now, I’m pooched. I have no choice but to be dependent on others and figure things out as I go. Patience will be the key.

Besides feeling out of my element, my first impressions of Sri Lanka have been very positive. And while Colombo is a big, crazy city, there is lots to do and see and I think I’ll be able to figure it out after awhile.

First day of training is today – hopefully I don’t get fired.