I'm in!

I’ve finally outstayed my welcome and my parents are kicking me out. Thankfully, I now have my much anticipated visa and my flight is booked for March 29. If anyone is ever looking for a real adventure, forget about going to Sri Lanka. Just move in with your parents (and little sister) when you’re 32 and see what happens. It’s been an interesting experiment, and in all seriousness, one I will look back with great memories on.

I also have to thank everyone for the 126 going away parties and multiple goodbyes from what feels like every person in Regina. I’m sure you were all wondering if I ever really planned on leaving.

Barring anymore unforeseen delays I’ll be in Colombo on March 31st and sweating profusely. I promise more enlightening posts upon my arrival. I have some pretty stiff blogging competition in Trina, so I will have to bring my A game.

Take care of yourselves and please stay in touch. I’ll be expecting just as many welcome home parties in 18 months. Peace out.