“What do you do Mr. Lebowski?” – Maude

“The usual. I bowl. Drive around.” – The Dude

– “The Big Lebowski”

The above quote from the movie the “The Big Lebowski” has been going through my head a lot the last week as my life has started to closely resemble that of the main character’s – The Dude. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, The Dude is an unemployed bum – in the parlance of our times – that spends his days bowling and hanging out with his buddy Walter.

While I don’t bowl or have a friend named Walter, I am currently without a job or a real purpose as I continue to wait for my work visa to be processed in Sri Lanka. I am told that things are progressing though, and that I will have a new departure date shortly. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I’m still not exactly sure the reason for the delay, other than that more time was needed (I submitted all my documents in October?) However, much like The Dude, I am staying positive and trying to chalk it all up to being part of the experience.

Trina is arriving in Sri Lanka tomorrow from Ghana (she has a tourist visa, which is much easier to get) and the CUSO-VSO people will be meeting her at the airport and making sure she has a place to stay before I arrive. So that is good news.

In the meantime in wintry, cold as f#$! Regina, my dad’s been keeping me busy with some home renovations and my mom’s making sure I don’t starve. So, while I’m definitely not sweating yet, I am staying busy and full.