I’m back in Accra for the final leg of my journey in Ghana. I fly out tomorrow night for Sri Lanka. I’ve decided to splurge for the last night and check into an air conditioned hotel with a swimming pool. This way I can hang out there all day tomorrow until my flight leaves at midnight. I can also hopefully get a decent night’s sleep since in the last few nights sleep has been hard to come by.

Returning to Accra poses a few final challenges as all the friends I’ve made in my journey wish to see me before I depart. This can be a bit of a scheduling nightmare especially since a “visit” can become a whole day affair. It is difficult to diplomatically tell people that you really just want to relax alone. Especially since being alone is a foreign concept to Ghanaians. This would be a nightmare to most Africans. They always want to be surrounded by family and friends and it is an indication that something is wrong if you are by yourself.

This was apparent when I decided to go hiking on my own in the small community of Biakpa. Near the lodge we were staying was a hiking path that passed by 5 waterfalls. On my journey, I managed to have an African father adopt me. This spry 71 year old  came with me the whole way and talked to me non-stop. He managed to offer me advise in all areas of my life, but most importantly (according to him) I should try to produce children soon! He showed me his African dancing (apparently he is the winner of many competitions) and sang to me. Then he took me to his farm and proceeded to scale tree after tree picking fruit for me. Before I knew it my backpack was full of bananas, avacados, paw paw, bread fruit and kola nuts.  To show my appreciation, I walked with him to a nearby village and bought him lunch and a Guinness.

In the village of Fume, I was lucky enough to be invited into his friend’s home. There I got to learn all about traditional kente weaving. I also got to sample some other Ghanaian foods such as palm wine and giant snail.

To me it is just so amazing what experiences can ensue when you open yourself to the possibilities.