The empty backpack
Feed me. Do you think I could fit a flush toilet in here?

My flight is in a week and I need to start seriously thinking about what to take with me. The real problem is that I only have one backpack. Actually, I have a second bag, but it’s already full of Trina’s shoes. So, besides underwear, a sweat rag and swim trunks, what does someone from Regina take to a tropical island for 18 months? Here a few things that will likely make the cut:

* large amounts of sunscreen and mosquito spray
* malaria meds
* my new Rider hoodie
* a multi-tool to help kick start my idea of starting a Humps on Homes spin-off TV series
* a shiv for hunting snake and shaving with

What am I missing? Let me know.

…this just in. Sri Lanka opens up the Cricket World Cup tomorrow in Colombo against powerhouse…Canada. I wonder if I could make the Canadian squad? Or at least serve them tea? Update: Canada had a rough go against the powerhouse Sri Lankan side – Recap of opening match