10. “How many children have you produced?” -Ghanaian man at the pub
9. “White women- you have a big head!” – Child at the Street Academy in Accra
8. “That spider is not dangerous. Only if it bites you- you might be in the hospital for three or four days.” -hostel staff when inquiring as to what type of spider I saw in my room
7. “It is nice to be nice!”- every Ghanaian that engages me in conversation
6.”White women I think you are part African – your booty.”- Ghanaian man at a night club
5. “Enter the Magic” – sign at the door to my hostel in Accra
4. “I like your hair. It is like a Rastas.” – Ghanaian woman (politely telling me how messy my hair looks)
3. “Perhaps you can keep a journal and I’ll keep a journal and we can communicate through these books.” – Rastifarian Man (I replied, “or we could just talk.”)
2. “My teeth are very strong. It comes from years of conditioning.” – Ghanaian man upon opening a beer for me with his teeth
1. “Once you go white you never go back.” – man trying to explain the weird allure of white women to Ghanaian men