When we first got the email about my possible placement in Sri Lanka, my first response was – sounds great, where’s that? And the more people I tell, the more I hear the same question. Recognizing my ignorance (which apparently is shared by many people I know), I’ve started doing some research on the country. Here are a few things I’ve discovered.*

1. Sri Lanka has the most statutory holidays in the world. That’s right, they celebrate every major religious holiday with a party and a day off work (including full moons). This makes me happy.

2. The food is out of this world. Every person I’ve talked to mentions how great the food is, and also mentions it comes with a bit of heat. While I do enjoy some spice, my gut doesn’t always agree, so sales of Imodium may go through the roof in Colombo starting in March. Sorry for the image.

3. Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India in the Indian Ocean. It has beautiful beaches, great hiking and a fascinating history and people. Colombo’s average temperature hovers in the high 20s year-round and is pretty humid all the time too. I’m a sweater at the best of times, so I plan on setting records for sweating through shirts and pants – both in volume and speed. A sweat rag will be a must. Again, sorry for the image.

4. A`yubowan is the official greeting in Sinhala, the language spoken by a majority of the people in the country. Its literal translation is ‘long life.’ The other languages spoken by many people in the country are English and Tamil. Handshakes are also widely used when saying hello.

5. The country is home to some amazing animals and birds, including over 90 species of snakes. No big deal.

6. In general, Sri Lankans love to travel and experience new things. This is great news for Trina and I, as we plan to do a lot of traveling in the country and surrounding area (as long as our savings allow).

That’s it for now. If you’d like to share anything cool about Sri Lanka, please feel free. I’m like a sponge right now.


* Disclaimer: These are not proven facts. Just what people have told me or what I’ve read. Remember, I’m a moron with white eyebrows from the Canadian Prairies, give me a break.